Causes and solutions of gas spring leaks

For pressure self-sealing gas springs, after a long period of time, the rubber in the upper cover and capsule seal is permanently compressed. In the event of a sudden large lateral impact, the upper cover and the capsule seal will be misaligned and leaky. Especially in winter, when the temperature drops, the rubber material performance further deteriorates, making it easier for air leakage to occur. In addition to the factors of the gas spring itself, the use of complex conditions, the use and maintenance process of improper operation is also the main factor causing air leakage between the upper cover and the capsule.

The upper cover, the lower seat sealing part of the decoupling leakage is because the upper cover or the lower seat sealing part of a layer of vulcanized rubber. In production, the metal skeleton of the upper cover and rubber vulcanisation, vulcanisation surface cleanliness is not enough or the brush of adhesive is not uniform, so that the rubber bond strength here is poor, in the use of a period of time there is degumming and deformation of the rubber layer, resulting in the phenomenon of gas leakage.

Air leakage can also be caused by artificial or accidental breakage of the capsule in use. In the overhaul, the self-sealing gas spring, if found on the cover and the capsule slight air leakage, generally do not deal with, or the gas spring nitrogen exhausted, and then re-inflation, air leakage phenomenon can generally be eliminated. For the use of repeated minor air leakage and serious air leakage gas springs should be disassembled to check, if necessary, replace the faulty parts or the whole replacement.

The selection of the number of gas springs should be based on the requirements of the line, combined with the structure of the mould and the force point for the placement, so that the mould does not appear to be biased when working, but must also make it easy to adjust the mould. In this way, the nitrogen gas spring will have a sufficient life in use.

Gas spring booster ratio selection: can be selected according to the characteristics of the nitrogen spring curve and stamping process requirements to determine the type of nitrogen spring. In particular, the requirement for a smooth change in the working force, or a basic constant working force and a large initial force, to determine the boost ratio is more important.

Post time: Jun-07-2021

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