Compression Gas Spring

The gas spring is mainly composed of a piston rod, a piston, a sealing guide sleeve, a filler, a pressure cylinder and a joint.

Gas springs have different structures and types to meet different needs of use.

Compression gas springs are mainly used in construction machinery. These gas springs mainly serve as support. Only have shortest and longest working position. Also can not stop in the stroke.

So how to choose the right gas spring?

(1) Whether the gas spring sealing performance is good or not, if the sealing performance is not good, then there will be problems such as oil leakage or air leakage, which may affect its normal use.

(2) Whether the degree is good or not, mainly refers to the error of the force produced.

(3) Its service life is long, which is generally reflected by the number of full extensions. If the number of expansions is large, the service life is long.

(4) The change in the force value during the stroke should remain unchanged under ideal conditions, but the value will inevitably change due to some objective factors. However, the smaller the change, the better the gas spring quality.

Post time: Sep-18-2020

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