Electric actuator selection considerations

Motor is an important component of the electric actuator, its main role is to provide electric thrust to the shaft of the electric actuator lateral to the electric thrust, and then through the gear into the longitudinal thrust to push the rod reciprocating motion.
The following Double Spring to give you an analysis of several common motor failure conditions:
1. Motor rotation is not uniform, motor rotation theoretically rotating speed is to maintain the same, if there is not uniform speed of the situation, generally is the electric pusher to push the animal is not well fixed, has been out of the rocking state, and check whether the pulley wear caused by the rolling resistance is not consistent.
2. Slow rotation of the motor, this phenomenon first of all to exclude whether the push animal overload, if the overload will certainly lead to slow rotation of electricity, there is a phenomenon that the motor has not been used for years rust or lubrication is not enough will also appear in this situation.
3. Motor does not rotate, the same first check to push the object is too overloaded or running route received blocked can not be moved, again check whether the power supply line is abnormal, if the above situation is ruled out, check the motor reset switch near the insurance control switch is closed, basically these are the circumstances.
4. Motor rotation too fast than the theoretical speed, check whether the voltage is too high, and check whether the speed control protection device is working properly, because it has been easy to keep this condition to burn out the circuit board.
The above is to introduce you to the electric actuator selection considerations, if you have any other doubts or needs, we at Double Spring cordially welcome your inquiries through the following contacts!

Post time: Sep-24-2021

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