Gas spring installation precautions

The application of the support rod, the need to ensure its correct installation, which requires us to install the support rod, grasp the relevant installation skills, the specific installation needs to pay attention to what, the following will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Hydraulic support rod piston rod must be installed downward position, not installed backwards, so as to reduce friction and ensure the most. Good damping quality and cushioning performance.

2. Decide the pivot point installation position is the hydraulic support rod can correctly carry out the work of the guarantee, the hydraulic support rod must be installed in the correct way, that is, when closed, let it move through the structure. Otherwise, the hydraulic support rod will often automatically push the door open.

3. The hydraulic support bar should not be subjected to tilting forces or lateral forces during operation. They must not be used as handrails.

4. To ensure the reliability of the seal, the surface of the piston rod must not be damaged and it is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals etc. to the rod. It is also not permitted to spray or paint the hydraulic support rod after it has been installed in the required position.

5. hydraulic support rod for high-pressure products, it is strictly prohibited to dissect, fire baking, smashing touch.

6. It is strictly forbidden to rotate the piston rod of the hydraulic support rod to the left. If you need to adjust the direction of the joint, you can only turn to the right. Ambient temperature: -35℃-+70℃. (80℃ for specific manufacturing)

7. Install the coupling point, should be flexible rotation, there should be no jamming phenomenon.

Post time: Jun-14-2021

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