Gas springs in TV mounts

The TV Smart Swivel is an innovative introduction of gas spring free hover lift technology into TV mounts, which helps users to easily lift their TV screens to any height. In addition, with the plus or minus 90 degree lateral swivel function, your screen can be adjusted from side to side within a maximum. With a wide range of left and right adjustments, more people can share the exciting content of their Smart TV from more angles. The delicate lateral swivel design of the support arm linkage and the plus or minus 180 degree swivel angle design make it easy to achieve more changes to your Smart TV. With gas spring technology you can have four TV angles on one TV. The current widespread use of gas springs has greatly facilitated the needs of consumers.

With 10 years in industry, Changzhou Double Spring Machinery Co.,Ltd already supplied gas spring and linear actuator in your daily life, in your furniture at home, cars, buses, trains, planes whentravelling, windows, chair, computer desk in modern office furniture, fitness equipment, hospitalbeds, machinery, rubbish bin along the street, etc.

our Gas spring has achieved SGS and passed SGS 80,000 times fatigue test, 96h salt spary test hours assured. CE for linear acutuator is also approved. Also we have lsO9001,TUV certification. Besides, our engineers has professionalknowledge in designing, producing and developing full range of gas springs like high temperature resistance gas spring, forceadjustable gas spring, free stop gas spring, wireless controlledlinear actuator, etc.

Your dimensions or drawings are also acceptable, our OEM service makes sure you will get the spring you need.

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Post time: Jul-01-2021

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