How to determine the good and bad stainless steel gas spring and manufacturer recommendations

Stainless steel gas spring is a part that can realize the functions of support, cushioning, braking, height and angle adjustment, etc. In construction machinery, it is mainly used for parts such as cover and door.
Stainless steel gas spring is mainly composed of piston rod, piston, sealing guide, packing, pressure cylinder and joint. The pressure cylinder is a closed cavity filled with inert gas or oil-gas mixture, and the pressure inside the cavity is several times or tens of times of the atmospheric pressure. The movement of the piston rod is achieved by using the pressure difference between the two sides of the piston under the action of the gas spring. There are different structures and types of gas springs to meet different needs. Compressed gas springs are mainly used in construction machinery. This type of gas spring mainly plays an auxiliary role. It has only the shortest and longest working positions and cannot be stopped automatically during the stroke.
Stainless steel gas spring preparation method includes the following steps.
1. Melting steel according to the chemical composition requirements, hot rolling, annealing pickling, to obtain stainless steel slabs.
2. Painting and drying, cold drawing, cleaning and drying with neutral activator, quenching.
3. Tempered, painted and dried, drawn into stainless steel spring steel wire. This high performance stainless steel spring steel wire is energy efficient, corrosion resistant, highly elastic and high toughness.
Stainless steel gas spring inside the steel wire is steel, in the tempered state has a certain degree of elasticity, people in this special performance to manufacture a variety of elastic components. The elasticity of stainless steel gas springs depends entirely on the size of its elastic deformation. If it is a good quality spring wire, it will have a comprehensive deformation capacity, which is not only outstanding in elasticity, but also very strong in load-bearing capacity. It is important to know that a good spring wire is very wide and actually has strict quality standards. In order to meet more performance requirements, it is important to pay attention to the purity of the steel during the smelting process of spring wire. The purity and uniformity of spring wire is an important factor in manufacturing stainless steel springs.
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