How to determine the size of the gas spring

By adjusting the position of the two support points of the gas spring, the stretch length L and the stroke S of the gas spring are determined, and then the gas spring product series, that is, the diameters of the piston rod and the cylinder are determined according to the calculated F1 force value.

If the gas spring sealing performance is good and the sealing performance is not good, then there will be problems such as oil leakage or air leakage, which may affect its normal use. The service life of gas springs is generally expressed in terms of the number of full expansions. When the number of expansions is large, the service life is long.

Select the gas spring, first consider the sealing performance of the gas spring. If the sealing performance of the gas spring is not good, then some other faults such as oil leakage and air leakage will occur during the use. The accuracy of the gas spring is also very important. The accuracy error cannot be too large. The error values ​​produced by different manufacturers are different, as long as they are within the normal range.

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Post time: Sep-04-2020

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