How to disassemble the gas spring?


If there are some gas springs that need to be disassembled, you must deal with them as a whole. The avant-garde should not think that as long as it is possible to directly remove the card on the gas spring door, it may cause the gas spring to fail and affect future use. So what are the disassembly methods of the supporting gas spring, and how to deal with it if it needs to be disassembled later?


Find the location. Before disassembling the supporting gas spring, you need to find the correct position. The pneumatic supporting rod should be installed in the downward position and the pile cannot be inverted. Therefore, ensure its position before disassembling, and then perform a simple observation. Ensure the resistance quality and cushioning performance, and then remove it according to the specific situation. If the gas spring needs to be removed due to a malfunction, do not remove it forcibly to avoid serious problems.


Deflate the drill bit. We can put the gas spring on the drill floor first, then find a suitable position, and use a smaller drill bit to drill and deflate the air at that point. The initial hole should not be too large, and the air must be vented slowly to avoid some internal failures. There may be a sound of deflation at the moment of drilling, and oil will be sprayed out. Be cautious and wear protective clothing.


If you don’t know how to disassemble the supporting gas spring, you can also find a professional to disassemble it, but you must be careful not to drill a large area, which may easily lead to its internal failure. Maybe many friends are not good at disassembling this kind of product at the beginning. You can practice with some unused gas springs first, and then disassemble after familiarizing with the steps to ensure the dismantling effect.





Post time: Mar-12-2021

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