Inspection standard of gas spring spare parts

1. Dimensions: The inspection of the size is mainly the use of calipers, the content of which is: all dimensions meet the requirements of the drawings, the width of the spring piece in the joint is not more than 6.7mm.

2. Plastic joints: The inspection of plastic joints is mainly the use of inspection tools, the contents of which are:

Drop test: the gas spring is placed at a height of 1.5-2m, the joint is facing down, and then free fall three times, requiring the joint to not crack.

Splitting test: the joint is installed on a special inspection tool, and then quickly lifted up, so that the joint is separated from the inspection tool, and the joint is required to be brittle and the spring piece cannot be broken.

Tensile test: the joint and the gas spring thread are fixed by glue, and then the inspection performance is checked by using a gage, and the joint is required to have no obvious looseness during the stretching process.

3. Force value detection

The force value test is mainly to use the force value tester, the content is: put the piston rod vertically downward on the force value tester, zero the sensor, then shake the handle to spin the product, and then record the various stages. The value requires that the measured value should meet the specified requirements.

4. Label

The inspection of the label is mainly through visual inspection. The content of the label is: the printed content should be clearly visible and accurate, the position of the label should be correct, the paste should be flat, and there is no lifting.

Post time: Jun-05-2020

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