Relative applications of different types of gas springs

There are many types of gas springs, and different types of gas springs are used in different aspects. For so many types of gas springs, everyone is still a little rusty in the application, so we have summarized some commonly used types of gas springs, which will be applicable Let me introduce you to the relative introduction, and the following is the relevant introduction.

1. Standard of free-type gas spring (the free-type gas spring is in the longest position in the free state, that is, it moves from the longest position to the shortest position after receiving external force)

Relative applications: in car trunk lids, mechanical equipment lids, medical equipment lids, desk boxes, engineering machinery, etc.

2. Traction type gas spring standard (the traction type gas spring is in the shortest position in the free state, and runs from the shortest to the longest position when subjected to external force)

Relative application: used in heavy industrial machinery.

3. Standard of lockable gas spring (this kind of gas spring can be stopped at any position, after stopping, there will be a great locking force

Relative application: self-locking gas spring standard (angle adjuster) in car seats, advertising light boxes and other products.

4. Stop the gas spring at will (it can stop at any position in the stroke without any external structure)

Relative application: Random stop gas springs are mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical equipment and other fields.

Different gas springs need to be selected in different fields. Our Changzhou Double Spring gas springs provide gas springs for many different applications, including those used in furniture, automobile gas springs, cabinet gas springs, etc. You can contact us for specific types of gas springs.

Post time: Mar-05-2021

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