The benefits of using gas springs for medical devices

Gas springs can be used in many areas, such as automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, medical equipment, financial equipment, railway equipment, furniture industry, food machinery and so on. Today I will briefly introduce the application of gas springs in medical equipment.

Medical equipment is relatively advanced and sophisticated in the eyes of most people. This is because medical devices have essential differences in structural design and functional requirements compared to ordinary devices. Medical equipment, as a service for personal inspection and treatment, requires stricter reliability and controllability. Therefore, gas springs play a great role in this type of mechanical structure. During treatment and inspection, the control of the instrument arm is particularly important. When an emergency occurs, the process cannot be controlled after the general mechanical equipment is turned on, so the power can only be cut off, which is prone to danger. Using a gas spring, its process is controllable and reliable, it can stop anytime and anywhere, and it has enough solid support.

The operating table is an essential sanitary equipment for field medical institutions, and the electric operating table provides a multifunctional platform for the wounded and sick. Its function is to support the body of the wounded and the patient, adjust the posture of the operation, and enable the medical staff to successfully complete various operations under convenient and comfortable conditions. The field operating beds currently equipped with troops play an important role in medical support, and the operating beds also use gas springs. The back plate, sitting plate and leg plate all adopt large-stroke controllable gas spring supporting mechanism, which makes it very convenient to adjust the position. When the supporting mechanism is in working condition, a larger supporting force is required to meet the force balance equation, and the required controllable gas spring supporting force is the largest. Therefore, the requirements for gas springs are also higher. For the manufacturers of gas springs, our company has sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the quality of every spring produced. satisfy customer needs.

Post time: Dec-04-2020

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