The use of gas springs in medical equipment

Gas springs are used in many fields, such as the automotive industry, the construction machinery industry, the medical equipment industry, the financial equipment industry, the railway equipment industry, the furniture industry, the food machinery industry and so on. Today I would like to briefly introduce the use of gas springs in medical equipment.

Medical equipment is more advanced and sophisticated in the eyes of most people. This is due to the essential difference in structural design and functional requirements of medical devices compared to ordinary devices. As a service for personal examination and treatment, medical devices have more stringent requirements in terms of reliability and controllability, so gas springs come in handy for this type of mechanical construction. The control of the instrument arm is particularly important during treatment and examination. In the event of an emergency, the process cannot be controlled when the general mechanical equipment is opened, so the power can only be cut off, which can easily become dangerous. With gas springs, on the other hand, the process is controllable and reliable, he can be stopped at any time and has a sufficiently firm support.

One of them has to be mentioned is the operating bed. As a necessary health equipment for field medical institutions, the electric operating bed provides a multifunctional platform for the treatment of the sick and wounded. Its function is to support the body of the sick and wounded, adjust the surgical position and enable the medical staff to successfully complete various surgeries in convenient and comfortable conditions. The field surgical beds currently equipped with troops play an important role in the security of the guard, and the surgical beds also use gas springs. The back trigger, sitting trigger and leg plate all use a large stroke controllable gas spring support mechanism, making it very easy to adjust the body position. In the working state, the support mechanism requires a large support force that satisfies the force balance equation and requires the highest controllable gas spring support force. The maximum support force is required. Therefore, the requirements for gas springs are also higher, which requires reliable quality from gas spring manufacturers.

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Post time: Jun-29-2021

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