What are the factors of gas spring damage?

Gas springs need to pay attention to some things during use, otherwise it will shorten the life of the gas spring and even cause damage or damage to the gas spring. The main factors for damage are the following:


First, the gas spring cannot be post-processed.


Second, do not weld the gas spring, nor throw it into the fire.


Third, do not put the gas spring in a place with high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight, and a lot of dust.


Fourth, do not disassemble and modify the joints of gas springs and hoses. Inadvertent disassembly will cause parts to pop up under high pressure, which is very dangerous.


Fifth, during storage and transportation, be careful not to make the gas springs collide with each other, especially the scratches on the piston rod will greatly shorten the service life of the gas spring, please pay special attention when using it.

We should pay special attention when using gas springs, it is very important to extend the service life of gas springs.

Post time: Jun-19-2020

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