What is the difference between pneumatic support rod and hydraulic support rod?

How to use the pneumatic support rod: The pneumatic support rod must be set underneath and cannot be flipped over. This will reduce friction and ensure the best resistance quality and cushioning performance. The base mounting position is determined to confirm that the pneumatic support rod is working properly. The pneumatic support rod must be installed correctly. That is, when closed, it will move beyond the centerline of the structure. Otherwise, the pneumatic support rod tends to open automatically. Pneumatic support rods must not be subjected to tilting forces or lateral forces during operation and must not be used as handrails.
Pneumatic support rod is an elastic element with gas and liquid as working medium, consisting of pressure tube, piston, piston rod and various clamps, filled with high pressure nitrogen inside, unlike mechanical spring, the support rod has an almost linear elastic curve.

What is the difference between pneumatic support rod and hydraulic support rod? Let's all analyze them together.
1. They have different media, compressed air, hydraulic oil.
2. They have different loading capacity. Because the pneumatic is generally below 1MPa, oil pressure is generally below 30MPa, above this value of ultra-high pressure is too high for the parts and pump requirements. Because the pressure (we say pressure means pressure. It all says how much MPa and how many kilograms. The thrust of the pneumatic support rod is also very large.).
3. Hydraulic oil is recycled, pneumatic used up gas is no longer recycled.
4. Pneumatic components are prettier than hydraulic components.
5. Pneumatic pressure in the factory is generally concentrated gas, hydraulic pressure is generally machines and hydraulic stations.
6. Hydraulic control works more accurately than pneumatic control. (Because of the compressibility of gas).
What are the advantages? Let's all analyze it together.
1. Hydraulic load-bearing capacity is greater than pneumatic load-bearing capacity (under the same cylinder diameter).
2. Hydraulic control circuit is more complex than pneumatic (because the hydraulic to have oil return).
3. Pneumatic than hydraulic maintenance is more convenient. (There are problems. Pneumatic can pump out the gas tube spit. If no gas comes out, it can not be ruled out. Hydraulic generally can not do so.)
4. Pneumatic than hydraulic connection is convenient, pneumatic is generally a quick connection.
5. Pneumatic components head smaller than hydraulics.
6. Compared with hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure is more sympathetic than hydraulic pressure when the high hydraulic handling (because the gas is very compressed).
7. Pneumatic generally centralized air supply, easier to manage than hydraulic.
8. Hydraulic adjustment needs to replace the hydraulic oil, do not use pneumatic, so the late use of the cost is higher than pneumatic.
9. Personally, I think the pneumatic components are beautiful. (Pneumatic components are mostly aluminum or copper materials, hydraulic is generally cast iron.)

Post time: Sep-22-2021

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