Why can’t the gas spring be pressed down?

Gas springs are widely used in daily production and life. Gas springs of different materials have different applications. In terms of materials, we can divide them into ordinary gas springs and stainless steel gas springs. Ordinary gas springs are more common, such as pneumatic beds, swivel chairs, etc. , Stainless steel gas springs are used in relatively special industries, such as food machinery, medical equipment, military industry, or industries with high temperature characteristics. But some people find that the gas spring cannot be pressed down while using the process gas spring. Why is this? how should I solve this?

First of all, we must understand the reason why the gas spring cannot be pressed down?

First: Maybe the hydraulic rod itself has been damaged, and the machine itself is faulty, so the gas spring cannot be pressed down. This situation mostly occurs when the gas spring is in unstable control and fails to press after being used for a period of time.

Second: The angle of the gas spring and hydraulic lever is wrong. The gas spring is also implemented according to the principle of leverage. If the power arm of the gas spring is too short so that the power arm force is not fully utilized, the gas spring will not be able to compress at this time. .

Third: The strength of the hydraulic lever acting on the gas spring is too small. Generally, the inside of the acting gas spring has a corresponding pressure according to the design. If the human strength is not enough, the gas spring will not be able to press down. Generally, the internal pressure exceeds 25KG, and it is difficult to press it down.

After we understand the reason why the gas spring cannot be compressed, we can take measures to solve the problem according to the specific reason. When the gas spring hydraulic rod has been damaged, the gas spring manufacturer recommends not to use the damaged gas spring, it is recommended to replace the new gas spring, the possibility of repairing the damaged gas spring is very small, and the reuse efficiency is very low, and it is more difficult Control, so replacing the gas spring is a better way. The improper use of the gas spring’s hydraulic angle causes the pressure to fail. I can properly adjust the hydraulic angle of the acting gas spring, extend the power arm, and make full use of the lever principle to compress the gas spring. Because it is difficult for the gas spring to depress manually when the pressure exceeds 25kg, it is necessary to install it on the component and use the principle of leverage to depress it. Another thing we need to pay attention to is that you must pay attention to safety when replacing the gas spring or operating the lower pressure gas spring. Although the gas spring is relatively controllable, the gas spring contains high-pressure gas. If the operation is improper, there is a safety hazard. of.

The gas spring manufacturer recommends that in the process of installing and using the gas spring, it is necessary to understand the problems that the gas spring needs to pay attention to, pay attention to the maintenance of the gas spring, do not allow the gas spring to be corroded, pay attention to the maintenance of the gas spring, and replace it in time when there is a problem to avoid safety hazards . When we choose a gas spring, we should not only consider the price of the gas spring, but also consider the quality of the gas spring, and comprehensively choose a suitable gas spring.

Post time: Dec-18-2020

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