Why should we use Gas Spring?

The gas spring is a kind of part that can realize the functions of support, buffering, braking, height and angle adjustment. In engineering machinery, it is mainly used in covers, doors and other parts.

The gas spring is mainly composed of a piston rod, a piston, a sealing guide sleeve, a filler, a pressure cylinder and a joint. The pressure cylinder is a closed cavity, and the inside is filled with an inert gas or a mixture of oil and gas. The pressure in the cavity is atmospheric pressure’s times or dozens of times. When the gas spring works, the movement of the piston rod is realized by the pressure difference existing on both sides of the piston. Gas springs have different structures and types to meet different needs of use. Compressed gas springs are mainly used in construction machinery. These gas springs mainly serve as support. Only have shortest and longest working position. Also can not stop in the stroke.

The free gas spring (Lift gas spring) is the most widely used gas spring. It mainly plays a supporting role, only the shortest and longest two positions, which cannot stop on their own during the trip. It is the most widely used in automobiles, textile machinery, printing equipment, office equipment, construction machinery and other industries. With its light weight, stable operation, convenient operation and favorable price, the free-type gas spring has been widely used in the automotive, construction machinery, printing machinery, textile equipment and other industries. Or an alpine environment, an acidic or alkaline environment.

Post time: May-22-2020

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