Why the gas spring cannot be pressed

The gas spring has some better functions in the application process, but sometimes people find that the gas spring cannot be pressed during the use process, so what are the specific reasons? Being able to analyze correctly and find the cause better will be more secure in the process of solving the problem, so we all need to be able to pay attention.

When using a gas spring, if the angle of installing the gas spring is wrong, according to the overall lever principle, in this process, the power arm is too short, it will directly cause the strength to not be better exerted, so we are In the process of use, it cannot be suppressed at all. These aspects will have a great impact on the entire use, so it must be clear in time.

Sometimes, the gas spring cannot be pressed at all, or it may be that the gas spring itself is damaged. This aspect is likely to be a problem with the machine itself, so no matter how hard we ourselves, there is no way to function, so We need to do a corresponding check in the process of using it to see if it is intact. If there is a problem, then don’t waste our efforts.

There is also a situation where the gas spring does not move. It may be that the manpower required to use the gas spring is too small. During this process, the pressure is different, and the specific method is different during the use process. If your strength If it is too small, sometimes there will be problems of inability to move, so everyone must correctly understand some situations. Finding the cause of the problem correctly can be more secure in the process of solving it.

Post time: Jul-31-2020

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